Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Inspiration, Holidays and Morons

I'm deeply lacking inspiration.

I've been wanting to update my blog for ages, but for an unknown reason I haven't been able to sit down at my computer and put fingers to keyboard before now. It's not like I don't have much to write about - the opposite is true actually; I have too much to write about! There are loads of stories clogging up my head and, on the personal front; my life has never been more interesting! So, I don't have the faintest idea what the matter could be.

Dream Holiday

It's only the end of January, but I think I've made some headway in my To-Dos for this year. My holiday leave is booked for late spring, and my chosen destination is Down Under (AUS). If it all works out, I plan to be away for about a month, I'A. An Aussie friend of mine, who was visiting London over Christmas, advertised the country to me in beautiful detail and I have already fallen in love with it! Honestly, I think the Aussie tourism board should hire him, he is that good!

I'm pretty excited about finally having a proper holiday! Now I can stop being insanely jealous of Sleepdepraved, NM and Idealist's travelling adventures.


Our IT department is doing my head in as usual. The incompetent morons have been making things very difficult for me. Last week, I spent two whole days without access to my computer. Why? "Because your PC is downloading new updates and this is slowing it down". Eh? Since when do updates shut down a computer for days? "Since you have a slow link to the main system". ARGGG! I was about to implode by the second day. Thankfully, there hasn't been any more 'updates' this week, so I've been able to get on with my work.

I'm still dragging my feet about changing jobs. The current excuse is the fact that I can't take a 4 week holiday if I move to another job now. Ah well. As my dad says, all in due time, I'A.

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