Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What If Today, You Made the Choice of Ease?

I woke up this morning time feeling sad and thought of all the things I had to make today and how I needed about 10 more than hours in the twenty-four hours in order to acquire it all done. With this sort of thinking, to state you the truth, I did not even desire to acquire out of bed. Overwhelm makes that to you. It is paralyzing.

So, I decided to have got a little confabulate with myself. What if, I just made the determination to take it easy today? As usual, I have got been working long hours and trying to make too much. It just have on me down after a while. But, what if today, I made the pick of ease?

So, I decided to work on lone those things that really had to be done, assures I made to clients waiting etc and to make these things in a more than gentle way. No rushing, no stress! Simply EASE, as though I really did have got all the clip in the world. As soon as I made that choice, I felt so much lighter and things immediately started to better everywhere.

It experiences so much better physically as well, to just work from a light, easy and joyful place, rather than rushing to acquire things done as fast as possible, moving onto the adjacent thing, and the adjacent thing, and the adjacent thing, on our "to do" list, with our organic structure tense, apprehensive and tight. Nothing good tin really come up from that healthwise.

I also decided that If I felt like crying, that was good as well, I didn't material it inside or set it off, telling myself I was just too busy to cry. I simply cried and it moved right through me, and in a small while I was good again. I believe that crying tin be a good thing, a releasing and cleaning experience.

Amazingly, after a while, I began to see all the approvals in my life right where I am NOW, and I was able to really appreciate those things in a much more than profound manner and see them from a fresh and different perspective.

And I had a great insight, the feeling of ease and the feeling of abundance are exactly the same thing. As long as I am feeling visible light and easy, I am much more than likely to have got an abundant twenty-four hours and a fulfilling life.

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